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lamar provides access to the LamaPoll API. The package is currently in experimental / beta stag.

LamaPoll is a powerful online survey tool which is developed by Lamano GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin.


Currently, this package offers the following functions:

  • Listing of all surveys for a LamaPoll user account.
  • Loading data from a survey done with LamaPoll

Furthermore, the package provides an RStudio add-in for loading data from LamaPoll surveys.

Upcoming: In the future, functions will also be provided to add, delete and list respondents in surveys.


You can install the package from GitLab with:

# if remotes not installed, install it first with install.packages("remotes)

Getting started

Before the functions can be used, the email address of the LamaPoll user account and the API key must be stored in the options:

options(lamamail = "your-e-mail-adress")
options(lamaapi = "your-api-key")

Attention: Please never share R scripts that contain your LamaPoll API key.

After the email address and API key are stored, you can use the functions in the package.

Alternatively, an RStudio add-in is available.


In case you want / have to cite my package, please use citation('lamar') for citation information.


To report bugs, please file an issue with a reproducible example at GitLab.